EasyDCIM v1.5.4 Release

Admin Experience Redefined with EasyDCIM v1.5.4

For the past few years we have been really busy collecting ideas and implementing new features to make your experience with our software not only maximally beneficial, but enjoyable as well. Recently we came to the realization that the more options we pack into our system, the greater the need to keep things simple. Otherwise, what would be the point of having tons of functionalities stacked one on top of the other if you had to waste precious minutes every time when trying to find something? Finally, after a series of readjustments and tune-ups we managed to reconcile the expanding arsenal of server-related instruments with the ability to navigate through them in a still intuitive and swift manner. Get ready for an intense gust of refreshment triggered by the release of EasyDCIM v1.5.4! (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.5.3 - Remote Applications

Keep Your Locations Apart but in Tight Grip!

As the sophistication of IT systems has magnified over the past years (in terms of both software and hardware complexity & the number of deployed cooperating subsystems), so has the need to separate components responsible for different types of tasks. What eventually led to simplifying the configuration and management processes, that is the broadly understood administration, was the development of master/slave communication model. (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.5.3 Release

EasyDCIM v1.5.3 – Remote OS Installation Made Smart!

Starting today’s post with a little trip into the past, we believe our several previous releases to be the best testament to the completely fresh approach we have taken towards the continued development of our control panel. The direction of which we are immensely proud because it is dictated in large part by the people having most experience with EasyDCIM, that is you dear customers! And so, per your special request, we are back with the release of EasyDCIM v1.5.3 that makes remote OS installation in dispersed and separate locations your new real! (more…)

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Access Control List - EasyDCIM v1.5.2

ACL – User Permissions Under Sound Control

In our previous article we covered all major points related to IPMI protocol risks, and viable solutions to combat these threats, including the configuration of intermediary IPMI proxy servers. Today we intend to push the subject of data security a bit further, and provide you with a detailed preview of yet another backbone feature of the latest EasyDCIM v1.5.2 – ACL (Access Control List). (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.5.2 Release

Double Your Security With New EasyDCIM v1.5.2!

Since the last major release of EasyDCIM, we have been working on a new version with all our dedication, carefully weighing what its cornerstone should be. What essential functionality EasyDCIM users would most want to get access to next. And now that we have finally figured it out, we are proud to announce that EasyDCIM v1.5.2 is officially out in the open, armed and ready to facilitate your server management process! (more…)

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Windows OS Auto Installation - EasyDCIM v1.5.1

Windows Server OS Straight In Your EasyDCIM

As from the 1.5.0 version, EasyDCIM allows admins to install any of the supported operating systems on existing EasyDCIM servers in a totally automated manner – from the moment of selecting an installation template to running post-installation scripts. Yeah, saying that will never fail to give us a thrill. But that is not enough reason for us to slow down the tempo and just slob around while there is still so much to be done! Talking about progress – we are putting final touches to the 1.5.1 version which will extend the range of supported OS systems to include the long asked-for Windows Servers. Care for a little teaser? (more…)

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