EasyDCIM v1.7.1

Modules boost in the spotlight – EasyDCIM v1.7.1

There is quite a number of factors to be considered when pondering the question of what has a direct bearing on the pace of EasyDCIM’s functional growth. One such facet of particular importance are the modules dedicated explicitly to making this control panel even more of an intelligent solution. Guided by this conclusion, we have decided to foreground the modules’ updated choice of features in this spanking new release of EasyDCIM.

Sit back and relax as we have the pleasure of walking you through the quality-filled confines of EasyDCIM v1.7.1. (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.7.0 Release

Data center monitoring (r)evolution with EasyDCIM v1.7.0!

During the course of the last few months, EasyDCIM has been successfully undergoing a set of varied changes, mainly touching upon the offered functionalities and UX. All these alterations had one factor in common, that is the persistent striving to advance our system to consequently let you manage your data center without needless effort.

But as you will see for yourself in a few moments, the milestone 1.7.0 release brings this subject to a whole new level! (more…)

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Heficed Case Study - EasyDCIM

On a quest for business automation – Heficed Case Study

There is no more persuasive way to evaluate your product’s performance on the market that through the firsthand account from the people involved with it daily, is there? Not to mention that by sharing their thought-inspiring stories, we can encourage more and more business owners to take over the reins and improve the effectiveness of their strategies by leaps and bounds.

With this thought leading us, we have recently sat down to have a brief conversation with Vincentas Grinius – the Co-founder and CEO at Heficed – about the dynamics of modern data center architectures and how a robust automation strategy to manage them is critical to thrive and succeed. (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.7 Release

A solid package of OS gear in EasyDCIM v1.6.7!

Let’s be honest: a centralized data center management structure gives rise to many challenges, the most frightening of which may be the enormity of monitoring and controlling operations each day requires. Since we are literally obsessed with simplifying this experience for you, we never stop asking ourselves: how do we make using EasyDCIM more effortless?

It is with this very thought in mind that we are pleased to announce the release of EasyDCIM v1.6.7 which, together with the many enhancements connected mostly to operating system installation and maintenance, take another load of tasks from the administrator’s shoulders. (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.6 Release

EasyDCIM v1.6.6 – system tags for supercharged inventory management

Maintaining order and keeping control over your data center inventory is one of those demanding, grueling chores that cannot be entirely got rid of, unfortunately. But what can be – and, as you will see in a brief moment, has just been – done is making it as effortless and labor-saving as possible. The EasyDCIM v1.6.6 release we have the pleasure of announcing today is all about it! (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.5 Release

Superior OS installation in EasyDCIM v1.6.5!

While a regular nine-to-five job schedule is something that most people enjoy and which may be the so-called norm for the majority, data center management cannot be recognized as one of them. As modern enterprise data centers become increasingly more complex, the notion of improving uptime, productivity, and efficiency emerges as the central point of each new EasyDCIM update aiming at effortless and time-effective management of your resources. And, as you will see with your own eyes in a brief moment, the 1.6.5 version of your favorite control panel covers this subject from A to Z! (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.4 Release

General UX Overhaul – EasyDCIM v1.6.4!

Websites, web applications, and software in general have been progressively becoming more complex as the industry’s technologies and methodologies advance. Consequently, user-centered design is no longer just about creating a positive experience with the product – above all, it should now aim primarily at the speed, efficiency, and effortlessness of use.

Captivated by the premise to keep things simple while still providing further supplementary functionalities, today we are taking another crucial step towards the reconciliation of the ever-expanding arsenal of server-related tools with the intuitiveness and swiftness of browsing through them. Ladies and gentlemen, let us present to you the comprehensively revised EasyDCIM v1.6.4! (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.3 Release

Retailored Ordering Flow in EasyDCIM v1.6.3!

When you think of data center monitoring it is certainly not possible to reach the point where the tools you employ for this purpose could not get any better or more efficient. The past few weeks have been really busy, with us focusing on making the official arrival of the freshly rolled out EasyDCIM 1.6.3 version maximally beneficial and minimally challenging in comprehension.

Without dragging things out any more than necessary, let’s get started with a thorough overview of this revamping update, shall we? (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.6.2 Release

Data Center Under Full Control – EasyDCIM v1.6.2

A lot of improvements that make their way to our data center control panel come directly from the experience of running our own company. For example, there is this one thing we learned a while back. Mainly, that the better you organize your business management straight from the get-go, the easier it is later on for you to handle all your daily tasks.

Hooked on this compelling idea, we are taking today another crucial step toward simplifying the interaction with our software. Ready to jump into our newly rolled out EasyDCIM 1.6.2 version and monitor your data center assets effortlessly like never before? (more…)

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Netcetera Case Study - EasyDCIM

Going Big & Going Green – Netcetera Case Study

Which data center company doesn’t dream of expanding its operations to the new markets? It is only natural that once you settle in comfortably with your venture, the vision of making even bigger of a profit soon pops in. The first foothold that needs to be established for the future growth is choosing the DCIM software that you will rely on to manage, organize and monitor the components of your data center.

And, as our most recent case study of a certain British company proves, the sooner you find the right solution for yourself, the sooner you can start branching out safely. Feel welcome to follow us on this insightful talk with Chris Murrell, the Senior Systems Administrator at Netcetera! (more…)

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