EasyDCIM v1.2.0 Stable Release

EasyDCIM v1.2.0 Stable – New IP & DNS Management

It’s time to announce that a new milestone has just been reached – the release of EasyDCIM v1.2.0 Stable! Once again your feedback has proven to be invaluable and mainly on its basis we have enhanced many aspects of the system, plus we have added several new improvements from the list of our own ideas. Now the management of your data centers will be even easier and more intuitive!

The centerpiece of this release is certainly an impressive number improvements mostly related to major functionalities, UX and stability of the whole control panel. Other vital elements of EasyDCIM v1.2.0 Stable are entirely new editions of IP Address Management and DNS Management modules. Both components have been largely redesigned to offer you a few extra features presented in a more organized manner. For more details, as usual, we cordially invite you to visit our website and see the changelogs.

Last month we mentioned about entering a completely new phase of further EasyDCIM development. That’s true, so keep your eyes wide open for the next updates and news. You can be sure to hear about EasyDCIM a few more times yet this year!

Back to our stable version 1.2.0. You are certainly wondering about the update procedure. As before, simply contact our Team either via an email or a ticket and we will take care of the whole operation for you.

See Changelog

At the end – a little novelty – assigning IP pools to chosen locations, floors and racks.

Assign IP Pools To Specified Locations Floors Racks - EasyDCIM

Piotr Dołęga

Piotr Dołęga


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