EasyDCIM v1.9.5

EasyDCIM v1.9.5 cuts the frills of custom ISO files management!

Having the inquisitive mind of technology explorers and industry trend followers that we are, we focus habitually on what new features can still power up EasyDCIM, but never lose sight of how to constantly improve the range of existing functionality. The all-new 1.9.5 release, arriving with substantially more freedom in terms of OS installation, leaves no room for doubt that if something can be done better, smarter or in a more flexible way, we won’t aim for anything less. (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.9.4

EasyDCIM v1.9.4 with Email Summaries – Never skip a beat again!

Every business owner experiences it to some extent – the inflow of so much data, that it can become practically impossible to keep up with the constant development of your enterprise. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, and certainly not with the latest EasyDCIM v1.9.4 and the spanking new addition of Email Summaries, which will ensure you stay on top of your time-consuming duties better than ever before! (more…)

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How To Appeal To Customers - EasyDCIM Blog

10 Ways For Web Hosting Providers To Better Appeal To Customers

Owning and operating a web hosting business is about more than just the technology. In fact, one could strongly argue that attributes such as disk space or RAM come second to the most important part: the customers. After all, a web hosting enterprise is not much of a business at all without them. While technology is important and ultimately drives customer success, a number of other, often overlooked factors goes into making a company thrive in this particular industry.

In this post, we will outline ten things that web hosting providers can do to keep clients satisfied. While this is far from exhaustive, it does provide a good foundation to best fulfill your customers’ expectations and make them happy for the long term.


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EasyDCIM v1.9.3

EasyDCIM v1.9.3 ensures even more extra time at your disposal!

Starting now, you can happily bid farewell to devoting more and more of your precious time in order to take care of monotonous tasks which lead to another deadline missed. Thanks to the release of EasyDCIM v1.9.3, you’ll be able to complete actions that used to take you hours in a matter of seconds using the new tool for bulk editing. Let’s find out precisely what we managed to come up with this time! (more…)

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EasyDCIM v1.9.2

EasyDCIM v1.9.2 – Quick Configuration Wizard kicks DCIM into high gear!

You may have thought that in order to start experiencing the full potential of our ultramodern and feature-rich control panel for bare metal server provisioning, you would have to spare a lot of your precious time to go through an arduous process of configuration. This, however, could not be any further from the truth with Quick Configuration Wizard, which crowns the list of innovations delivered in the brand-new release of EasyDCIM 1.9.2! (more…)

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The Right Automation Tool for Your Web Hosting Business - EasyDCIM Guide

The Best Tools for Automating Dedicated Servers

Like most businesses, regardless of their sector, web hosting companies are always looking to increase their operational efficiency and reduce costs. This is where automation comes in, as it can help with both of those goals. Automation speeds up processes while reducing the possibility of an error occurring. This frees up employees to focus on core tasks instead of necessary but low-intellect work.

While there are many tools on the market for automating dedicated servers, not all of them are well suited to your needs. Some are likely to be too expensive. Other ones are technical in nature and require an expertise too comprehensive for most individuals. There are also ones that still will not include the automation functionality crucial for your web hosting business to continue growing and reaching its goals.

In this blog post, we will talk about four different automation systems available to web hosting providers offering dedicated servers: WHMCS, WISECP, Blesta and HostBill. While this list admittedly does not cover all available ones on the market, it does represent the options that we find to be the best fit for small and mid-sized companies looking to add automation without high costs or complexity. We’ll cover what these four tools do and how they compare so you can find the perfect server automation software for your company!


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EasyDCIM v1.9.1

Progressing support for operating systems and colocation in EasyDCIM v1.9.1!

It may seem that the turmoil of emotions has long since faded away and the dust has already blanketed the grief after the controversial demise of CentOS, but as soon as you step a little further behind the front door of most industry forums, you will quickly find out that the struggle to hook up with a worthy replacement is still very much real. So how could we not back you up on this battlefield by going the extra mile to keep EasyDCIM’s support for the top alternative operating systems in peak condition? It is in precisely this way that our platform reached the release of version 1.9.1, further accompanied by the evolution of colocation support. (more…)

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Is Selling Dedicated Servers Difficult - EasyDCIM

Is it difficult to start selling dedicated servers?

Many web hosting providers wonder if selling dedicated servers is a good idea. On the one hand, dedicated server sales generate more revenue per unit than shared or VPS hosting. On the other hand, the technical knowledge and financial investment necessary to offer dedicated servers can become an issue if done in a hurry. As with most things, there are trade-offs with selling dedicated servers. Calculating if this product fits your business offer requires more than a simple checklist. Concentrating on your business goals, existing resources, and ideal customer set is crucial when considering whether or not to sell dedicated servers.


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EasyDCIM v1.9.0

EasyDCIM v1.9.0 celebrates Debian 11 “bullseye” support!

Considered “so good, there’s simply no reason to not use it”, Debian 11, with quite a suggestive nickname “bullseye”, has become our next prime target as soon as it popped up on our radar back in 2021. It immediately seemed clear to us that turning integration with this particular Debian distribution into an official feature of EasyDCIM would be… a bullseye (pardon the pun). But what precisely does the transition from Debian 9 mean for EasyDCIM, and how does it justify calling the platform’s 1.9.0 version a game-changer on so many functional levels? We’re about to find out! (more…)

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