EasyDCIM v1.4.2

EasyDCIM v1.4.2 – Shaping The Future

Not so long ago we have made you – the major driving force behind our ever-expanding data center control panel, a sincere promise. More specifically, we have come up with a formula destined to continuously reinforce Admin Experience with every new EasyDCIM version released: intuitive interface → ease and speed of use → more tasks completed within less time. Because we never go back on our word, we have just subjected our software into close scrutiny to perk its structure up and keep that very promise.

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EasyDCIM - Then And Now

EasyDCIM – Then And Now

EasyDCIM has undergone radical changes over the past few months – not only in its very core, but also in the offered functionalities and the UI, of course. All these alterations have a common factor which is the constant striving to improve our system and thereby let you manage your data center with the utmost ease. If we can change EasyDCIM to help you save even a couple of minutes a day, we will! (more…)

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